Wireless Connections

The benefits of wireless networking are enjoyed by a huge range of organizations in both the public and private sector. Wireless LAN's are a valuable networking tool for use within the building or as an extension to the wired network and for linking two or more buildings together to provide users with the ability to share data and resources.

Real Time's technical staff used different equipment to test and create wireless connections and they understand its physical limitations. The testing is done through a site survey, which is vital for any wireless network.

Site Survey

Just like different companies have different needs from their networks, wireless connections are unique to not only each organization, but also each location. Real Time's technical staff will take time to understand your network requirements and do testing to make sure access will be available for the users.

The survey does more than verify how the wireless connections will work. It also provides practical proof on the number of access points and other equipment that will be needed for the job.

Without a doubt, the site survey is the most important part of setting up a wireless network. Call (952) 943-8700 to learn more about wireless connections and how your organization can take advantage of them.

Wireless Security

Most companies access or input some information that they consider confidential. Other organizations want to protect their networks from unauthorized use. Fortunately, Real Time's wireless experience doesn't stop at creating stable connections. The technical staff also does security consulting and they understand the need to protect network resources and information.


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