Mail Proxy Server

A mail proxy server is a stand-alone machine that is located in front of the actual email server. The mail proxy server is customized to provide any or all of the following services:

This way, the resource load is removed or reduced from the actual email server. The mail server can sit behind the firewall, protected on the private network.

An additional benefit is the existing email server can remain in service, which allows you to avoid a potentially large-scale end user migration to a new mail server and/or email client.

Virus scanning is available through ClamAV, an Open Source project, meaning no license or per user fees. File type and file size blocking helps reduce the chance of, or eliminate unwanted content from entering your network. The spam filter uses SpamAssassin with Bayesian filters for an improved scanning capability.

To make sure security remains in tact, Real Time maintains and updates the mail proxy through our Security Update Program. Give us a call at (952) 943-8700 or email to learn more about security and securing your network.



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