Network Security

Concerned about security? We are too. And we want to help. That´s why we provide Security Consulting to our customers, in the form of security audits, firewall installations, and in VPN implementations.

Security Audits

If you´re concerned about your network´s security and are unsure where to start, let us perform a security audit of your network. This will allow us to identify security problems in your network and determine the best course of action. More...


There is little argument in any industry about physically protecting offices or manufacturing facilities. Locks, gates and guards aren't seen as specialty items, but as necessary components to protect an investment from theft, damage or destruction. Many companies are now coming to grips with the need to safe guard their computer networks and intellectual property from an incident that will result in lost revenue & data, lengthy network repair, and potential liability.

Network security or a firewall can do much more than just act as a locked door and security guard. Services can be added to expand the reach of the network in a secure fashion, monitor traffic in and out of the network, protect systems from many viruses and much more.

A firewall isn't a "one size fits all" solution, so Real Time Enterprises can assist you in determining what firewall solution is best for your network. More...

VPN Solutions

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Solutions work great for securing sensitive data that needs to move between offices. It is also an excellent solution for telecommuters. VPN is most often used by companies who cannot afford a private network to connect all their remote locations. More...


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