Virtual Server


Real Time uses Xen virtualization system -- which is a proven and state of the art in virtual hosting. With Xen, allocated server resources such as CPU and RAM are designated to you instead of shared with other Virtual Servers. This makes server performance more reliable.

In essence, a Virtual server provides root level access and/or a customized hosting solution without requiring a physically dedicated server.

Server Configuration

Your virtual server has the following options as far as Linux distributions:

  • Debian - Squeeze
  • Ubuntu - Lucid Lynx 10.04

Since you can have root access, any additional updates, maintenance or configuration changes can be made by you as well. Real Time does not have a setup fee for our stock configurations.

Server Options

With a Virtual Server, the final server specs are more flexible then most shared hosting plans. A Virtual Server gives you access to a functionally equivalent and dedicated server without having to purchase a stand-alone server. Hardware specs such as RAM and Disk space can be customized to your exact needs.

Name RAM (MB) Swap (MB) Disk Space (GB) Bandwidth (Mbps)
Light 64 96 3 1M / 1M
Medium 128 192 6 1M / 1M
Large 256 384 10 1M / 1M

Visit our Rates page for pricing information on this hosting service.


In-House Deployment

Real Time offers Xen hosting service, but we can also provide a custom configured Xen servers as well. Areas where this is beneficial include:

  • Development and Testing:
    • The virtual service instance can be moved into production on a stand-alone server when ready
    • Any session can be restored back to specific backup states
    • When the development project is complete, the session can be reverted back to a pristine state - ready for the next project
  • Space and Resources:
    • Multiple (virtual) servers and/or services on a single machine to conserve valuable rack space or floor space
    • Less power utilization, which also requires less cooling

If a virtual server fits your in-house IT needs, we can work with to install, configure and deploy a virtual server on your network or colocation facility.

Real Time can work with you to recommend hardware specs based of the service needs and reliability and continue to work on your behalf in the deployment phase.


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