Security Audits

Most companies are confident about the physical security of their offices, but little is known about the security of their computer network. It is important for companies to find out where their network is vulnerable before it is compromised. Security audits can be done on scheduled intervals that you can set depending on the value of your data and risk tolerance.

The Process

Real Time's technical staff will scan and probe your network remotely, searching for vulnerabilities that could put network services at risk. A network engineer can also go onsite to check for any internal security issues making sure there is protection from both external and internal threats. The audit concludes with a written report indicating any vulnerabilities discovered. The technical staff can also research corrective measures to security issues, if needed.

The Investment

Quotes for Security Audits are based on the size of the network and the number of services running. The number of vulnerabilities also plays an important role... the more security issues; the longer the audit will take. The final written report is designed to give you enough information so you will have a choice of using Real Time, internal personnel or other outside consultants to work on any problems.

Please contact a sales representative at (952) 943-8700 to learn more about setting up a Security Audit for your network.


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