Colocated Server

Don't have the space or resources to manage your own server?

Real Time can house your server at our facilities for use as a Web server, Mail server, FTP server, and/or DNS server. If you need help with installing and configuration of your server, we're available to assist you for an additional charge. Real Time can also configure and manage a server in our colocation facilities if you don't have the staff or resources available.

Service Includes:

  • One IP address
  • Weekly backup to customer-supplied tape (optional)
  • Multiple, monitored feeds to the Internet
  • Flat fee connectivity options

What you'll need:

  • One 100BaseT Ethernet card
  • DAT Tape Drive & tapes (recommended, but optional)
  • UPS (recommended)
  • Server size limitations (maximum)
    • 28 inches high
    • 9 inches wide (including the feet)
    • 17 inches deep
  • Rack mount server size limitations (maximum)
    • 4U (7 inches high)
    • 17 inches wide
    • 27.5 inches deep

The server can be mounted on customer-supplied rails.


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