ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) provides digital data service over traditional analog telephone lines. It allows users to send and receive data at rates up to 128Kbps, and can carry both voice and data transmission on the same line.

Dial-up ISDN

Dial-up ISDN starts as low as $25/month for 150 hours and is 5-8 times FASTER than an analog connection (up to 512K with 4:1 compression). Because ISDN is digital, you are always guaranteed a 64K or 128K connection.

Network ISDN

Network ISDN service is for businesses who need their entire network on the Internet.

  • One-way Network ISDN will meet the needs of most businesses. Your ISDN router always calls us to establish the connection.
  • Bi-directional Network ISDN is for businesses who need Real Time to initiate the call to their site, as in the case of an on-site web server or mail server. When Internet traffic is destined for your site, Real Time establishes the connection with you. With Bi-directional Network ISDN, you call us and we'll call you back. Therefore, you can buy the fully metered ISDN line from your phone company and save money.
  • Dedicated Network ISDN is for businesses that need their connection up 24 hours per day. With dedicated Network ISDN, we initiate all calls to your site to keep your monthly telephone company charges low. In addition, we will monitor your ISDN link 24X7 with Nagios Network Monitor.


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