Print Server

A Print Server is a Computer that manages the printers on the network. All data to be printed is passed on to the Printer Server that allocates jobs to the printers on the network.

The print server is a sharing device designed to provide simple and efficient printer sharing. All users on the LAN, regardless of operating system or network protocol, will be able to share the printer(s) connected to the print server. By connecting the printers to a print server instead of a file server or workstation, it can reduce system loading, increase printing performance and allow different network protocols to be used simultaneously.

Network printing is a great way to save money on equipment. Print Serving can be set up to recognize one or several printers on the network for different jobs. It saves the cost of individual printers for each employee and allows work to be sent to the appropriate machine electronically, without having to run from office to office.

Real Time can set up Print Serving on the same machine that runs File Serving duties, but other configurations are possible too.


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